Choice Roots Farm - Broccoli in the fields.

About Choice Roots

Choice Roots’ vision is to provide additional avenues for which the concerned consumer can acquire ethically grown, local produce.

My produce

By ethically grown, my growing practices are geared towards delivering an unadulterated product. I use no chemicals or additives that yes, would produce greater yields, but whose actual effects on the body are not known.

My focus is that people receive the benefits of eating vegetables and other produce without an unknown chemical baggage. I want people to get the vitamins and nutrients that they need.

A lot of the products I have chosen to grow are inline with this natural or unadulterated prerogative in mind, with the majority of my products being of an heirloom variety. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it :).

My land

The farmland that Choice Roots is on was originally an old farm stead, previously owned by the Weingardt family, who raised a variety of animals on the pasture land that I’ve converted into my garden. The Weingardt’s were well-known for the fruit trees in their small orchard, fishing pond, livestock, and last, but not least, haying skills. Their concern for wildlife led them to plant trees and shrubs that would produce food for the birds during the Winter months.

Where to find Choice Roots Produce

You can find Choice Roots at the Old Downtown Springfield Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays (May – October), the Springfield Holiday Farmers Markets, and onsite at my farm located at 3989 Sherman Road, Sherman, IL 62684 (please contact me ahead of time), and at several fine dining establishments listed here.

About our techniques - Choice Roots uses Low Tunnels to keep plants warm and protected in Sherman, Illinois